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Cherry Pickers


Event Group were one of the first companies in Guernsey to see the advantages of truck-mount CHERRY PICKERS – acquiring our original vehicle in 1980 and have subsequently updated regularly to now have the most modern, versatile and safe fleet in the Channel Islands. Cherry Pickers are perfect for accessing broken chimney pots; painting awkward walls; roof and other minor repairs at height that scaffolding would be totally unviable to use; replacing high level lighting; tree and shrub cutting; gutter cleaning; rigging overhead lines: The applications and time / scaffold cost savings are endless.

Our fleet now consists of two of the most modern truck mounted booms available and a self-contained unit;

CP3 has a Multitel MX270 hydraulic platform capable of extending 27m high and up to 13m outreach (at 11m height) via the three stage telescopic booms. Perfectly safe, tested and certified to industry standards. Even with the outriggers fully extended the vehicle only needs 2.96m working width.

Click below for MX270 basic data or for the full manufacturer’s specification pdf's.


CP4 is a Land-Rover (4 wheel drive) mounted Priestman 14.5m hydraulic platform unit. Overall dimensions of the vehicle are 6100mm long, 1800mm wide and 2600mm high.  Click below for CHP4 data.

HR12/2 Is a self-propelled 12m reach unit, electric / battery operated. Click below for HR12 data pdf.

All units are available with fully qualified, licensed, experienced operators, by the hour, day or week rates. Some units can be ‘self-drive’ hire subject to satisfactory insurance and personnel qualifications. Please ask for details.