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Cabins, Temporary Roadways & Site Facilities

Event Group have imported literally hundreds of CABINS AND TRANSPORTABLE ACCOMMODATION UNITS – mostly Rollalong (for whom we have been CI Agents since 1980) but almost every other manufacturer has provided units depending on the client requirements. We work with our clients to provide the correct unit at the best price. All are available for sale or hire, and we offer a full design and specification service for certain contracts.

We have a fleet of STOCK CABINS ranging from wheeled units to 24’ x 9’ jack leg or skid mounted. The fleet includes office units, staff rooms, de-con units, anti-vandal site stores and secure cabins, containers, gatehouses, etc. etc.

We also hire marquees as temporary storage structures.

Temporary Roadways: in many instances access to a site or job may involve crossing grassland, muddy ground or other challenging terrain. Here Event Group can help with ‘TERRATECH’ TEMPORARY ROADWAYS available for hire. The innovative modular system can adapt to any shape and provide a stable surface for access by vehicles or pedestrians. Depending on the sub-terrain the Terratech system can take up to 26 ton UDL.

See also Generators and Distribution, which covers our range of Site Electrics, transformers, fuel bowsers, etc. and Exterior Lighting – much of which is ideal for on-site working, and Mobile Toilets, Chiller Units and Portable Heating.