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Party Kits


With the advent of iPods/iTunes MP3 players etc. many people now have their own music for their party – but lack the SOUND SYSTEM and LIGHTS to support it. We can supply PARTY KITS for everything from a dozen Children who want to party, through to kits for 500+ people. All the kits are simple to operate, reliable and easily transported. They have been designed to provide the sound you want and come complete with lighting or other effects. You can add optional extras (such as radio microphones, turntables for vinyl records or extra lighting, smoke machines, etc.) if you want.

The standard kits are shown in the image gallery but if you feel you need something special, talk to us. Whether your party is at home, a Church Hall or Hotel, with our experience of most of the local venues, we can recommend the right system for you.

Pictures on this page illustrate some of the PA kits we offer designed for small gatherings that just need simple sound re-enforcement – but our range is constantly being updated as technology changes. Please contact us and we will ensure you get the right equipment for the job!

We also supply musical instrument amplification – click below for details, and a large range of other professional audio, Mobile Sound Caravans, major event systems etc. Click here to for PA Mobile and Event Audio page.

Talk to the Island’s sound and lighting experts – with nearly 40 years’ experience, to get the right system for your event and venue.