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Exterior Lighting


For any event, EXTERIOR LIGHTING must serve several purposes: It must be Functional; Provide Direction and Safety along the route; and it can be Decorative – particularly on buildings, marquees, or even trees and hedgerows.

We provide a selection of exterior lighting ranging from Metal-Halide (bright, white) floodlights and halogen lights, suitable for car parks, pathways etc. and available on tripods or lighting masts (some are complete with their own self-contained generator).

‘Globe’ lights and external Uplighters are ideal to guide your guests along safe routes or highlight steps and hazards along the way.

Additionally we stock a selection of exterior display lighting such as waterproof LED strings of lights which can look very effective in bushes or trees, and multi-coloured LED lights for garden illumination and décor. ARCHITECTURAL LED LIGHTING is a wonderful system to illuminate and enhance any building or marquee structure and provides a dramatic feature or provide Corporate Colouring to an event.

Our lighting range is constantly being expanded, and we ask that you discuss your event with us and we will recommend suitable exterior lighting. If you cannot see what you want within this website, please let us know and we will endeavour to source it.

As with all our kit, it is versatile and much of the exterior lighting equipment is also useful for BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION SITES, TEMPORARY PUBLIC AREAS, CAR PARKS ETC.