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Flooring & Dance Floors


Flooring and Dance Floors

If you want a floor in your marquee, we will need to view and measure the site before quoting for a marquee floor in order to ensure level, safe conditions. Our interlock boarding system cannot be levelled but will follow the contours of the underlying ground. We will advise you of the best options.

As with all our work, once the marquee is ready, we thoroughly clean the floor to a first class finish for when your guests arrive, although you should note that the boards are coated (varnished) and exact colour matching cannot be guaranteed.

Our portable Dance Floors are available in two finishes; Polished Parquet or chic Black and White and both come with neat, aluminium edges. Almost any size can be provided and like the system floor, they are cleaned prior to use.

We also hire synthetic ‘coco-matting’ which is useful for walk areas (and very often is utilised as a last minute option if the ground approach is wet) or for catering tent flooring.  

 Our ‘Terratech’ temporary roadway systems is ideal to get your guests to and from the event safely and clean. It can protect your garden from delivery vehicles or guests cars and provide a stable roadway for access.